Solder Jet Paste Printing for Surface Mount PCB Assembly (BGA & PoP capability)

Advanced surface mount PCB assembly services with solder jet printing technology at Gemini Tec UK.

For the assembly of package on package (PoP devices) and BGA chips onto printed circuit boards for prototype and production orders.

The solder paste is deposited without the need for stencils, the paste is being printed directly onto the SMT pad on demand, just prior to the placement of the SMT device.

The amount of solder paste is tailored to meet the exact requirements of the SMT device and pad. This process removes many of the typical errors that lead to poor quality PCB assemblies. These errors can include over paste – causing short circuits in the oven reflow process, or insufficient solder volumes, leading to time consuming re-work and reliability concerns.

The MYCRONIC MY500 checks solder paste deposits with a optical cameras and can even re-apply paste if ever required. The jet placement head pulls at over 4G as it deposits thousands of solder paste spheres onto each SMT pad, ready for SMT placement.

This process is used to obtain high yield SMT production of BGA and leadless device chips, including Package on Package (PoP). These devices are now used within the Raspberry Pi product, (currently being made in volume by Sony UK) Using solder jet printing technology we can offer customers a cost effective entry into PoP and BGA technology for prototype and production orders.

Contact us for more information on solder jet printing and advanced PCB assembly services from our UK facility.


Cirexx to Show at SMTA Houston 2017

Cirexx International claimed today that they’re going to be exhibiting at the SMTA 2017 Houston Expo & Tech Forum at the Stafford Centre in Stafford, Texas on March 9, 2017. Cirexx will be in Booth #62 exhibiting their full products of superior PCBs, which include HDI and Radio frequency/Micro wave and Flex Circuits, including Rigid-Flex. Applications engineers will be available at the booth to share the most modern technology in these domains along with Cirexx in-house design and component assy services. Additionally, featured will be the company’s ECLIPS (Embedded Cooling Layer – Integrated Power System) technology. A system of manufacturing high-power RF/microwave Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) using an embedded low-CTE, thermally engineered metalized heat-sink layer having superior thermal conductivity attributes.

“We have been working with a couple of clients in the Houston city for quite some time and this event is a pretty good chance for us to pay a visit to these clients and make contact with new ones.” Said Cirexx sales & marketing executive Don Kaufman. He added, “This area is a critical location for some of the country’s recognized oil & gas exploration and services enterprises. We’re happy to be part of it.”

Cirexx products are found in a variety of applications in addition to defense/aerospace, which include medical related, telecommunication and industrial controls. The company invites all guests to get the booth where there will be product samples of almost all their technologies and useful technical materials.

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