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We design and manufacture auto insertion machines and SMT equipment, and provide spare parts support .
We provide total solutions for LED lighting and SMT PCB assembly.
We offer worldwide Installation and on site support and factory (machine and lighting assembly) training.

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Cirexx to Exhibit at SMTA Houston 2017

Cirexx International stated today that they shall be demonstrating at the SMTA 2017 Houston Expo & Tech Forum at the Stafford Centre in Stafford, Texas on March 9, 2017. Cirexx will be in Booth #62 showcasing their entire product lines of advanced PCBs, consisting of HDI and Radio frequency/Microwave and Flex Circuits, including Rigid-Flex. Applications engineers will be for your use at the booth to share with you the most innovative technology in such areas and in addition Cirexx in-house design and component assy services. Likewise, featured will be the company’s ECLIPS (Embedded Cooling Layer – Integrated Power System) technology. A system of manufacturing high-power RF/microwave Printed Circuit Boards (PCB boards) making use of an embedded low-CTE, thermally engineered metalized heat-sink layer that has excellent thermal conductivity characteristics.

“We have always been working with quite a few users in the Houston city for a while and this demonstration is an awesome opportunity for us to see these customers and connect new ones.” Said Cirexx sales & marketing executive Don Kaufman. He added, “This area is a critical location for some of the country’s top oil & gas exploration and services companies. We’re excited to be an integral part of it.”

Cirexx solutions are used for a number of applications apart from defense/aerospace, consisting of medical-related, telecommunication and industrial controls. The manufacturer encourages all participants to find the booth in which there will be product samples of all of their technologies and additionally great technical documents.

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