Chipsetter ONE: Desk Pick-And-Place Machine

Chipsetter ONE Desk Pick-And-Place Machine

Check out the video clip down below to discover for yourself about this amazing assembly equipment which is well suited for any workshop environment.

Clearly Chipsetter has brought out a fresh desktop pick-and-place machine via the Kickstarter crowdfunding internet site for the exact purpose of gathering CAD $140,000 within the following month.

The Chipsetter desktop machine has actually been established to present creators, manufacturers and hobbyists with a reputable and very affordable desktop pick-and-place machine, which aids you to assemble your personal printed circuit board prototypes.

With your personal PCB assembly equipment you are going to be competent to get your designs to marketplace more rapidly, perhaps even fulfill small production runs.

Few elements of circuit board development are as monotonous as placing electronics components manually ,. Contractors can certainly assemble small batches, but will shell out 2 weeks to four weeks as well as $1000 on every design cycle.

Empowered by desktop 3D printing technology, we commenced to design and produce a helpful and cheap tool. We recognized that to be practical it would need to actually save you time and energy. To achieve that, our solution must be highly reliable, and we would need to clear up the setup time difficulty.

We started off this project after assembling numerous printed circuit boards within the last 10 years. Diminishing SMT device dimensions, along with new access to reasonable prototype PCB fabrication services shown we were developing more and more circuit boards than ever, and continuously enduring the anguish of manual assembly. Our investigation of obtainable solutions pointed out current desktop device was either high-priced, or unreliable. We wanted something much better, and we learned all of the electronics designers akin to us desired it as well. Therefore we decided to take action.

When other solutions have moved far from single tape feeders in favour of arrays of tape slots, a wide range of customers have complained at how difficult this has made it to set up and alter over jobs. We decided to follow an cheap feeder solution, which required our team to design an inexpensive easily-removed electronic feeder system from the beginning.

It is our desire to permit individuals who own the Chipsetter ONE to possess a adequate number of feeders to put an end to time wasted exchanging tape between feeders in a change-over. Chipsetter Tape Feeders can be easily loaded and unloaded from the Chipsetter ONE, which makes mechanical and electrical connections in just one quick movement.


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