Addressable Fire Alarm System Manufacturer

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Mode No.:
Wiring Structure:
2-bus Wiring System
Devices’ Capacity Loaded:
Optional 100/200/324 Addresses
Operating Voltage:
Alarm Notification:
LCD Display + LED Blink
Installation Method:
OEM & ODM Service:
Available anytime
Custom-made Exterior Housing Color:
Power Failure Protection:
24V lead-acid Backup Battery
Wiring Method & Highlight:
Straight wiring to save cable
Supply Ability:
10000 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging Details
Unique special seaworthy & airworthy package adopted to secure the consignment.

Addressable Fire Alarm System Manufacturer

  • 1.Analog intelligent automatic realtime fire alarm detection system
  • 2.Non-polarity 2-bus wiring connection system
  • 3.Optional 100/200/324 addresses & extensive loop cards
  • 4.Single loop with optional 100/200/324 addresses to be programmed
  • 5.R&D followed by LPCB/UL/EN54/VDS regualed involved
  • 6.Automatic switch between mains power & backup 24V leadacid battery.
  • 7.High compatibility with FM200 fire suppression system.

Applications:Commercial building,warehouse,school,factory,hotel,office,etc.

2. Functional Descriptions:

1) The working diagram of the whole addressable fire alarm system:

2).The Features:

Model No.: AW-AFP2188-100/200/324
Data Processing Collect data: through the internal microprocessors in the intelligent detectors & modules to realize digital filtering and auto-compensation functions.

Carry out data: based on fuzzy control theory and modern fire alarm theory to carry out data processing

Power supply system an AC-DC master-standby power supply system
  • Real-time printing
Support mini-printer
  • Equipment connection
Support ten multi-line linkage control/monitoring points to control and monitor important equipment.
For the users be equipped with eight bus manual control points, which makes Easy for users to control related equipment.
industrial & civil buildings

factories, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, business buildings, government buildings, etc.

Advantage Accurate & efficient feedback, Humanized setting, Economic, User-friendly & convenient maintenance, etc.

3. Main Technical Parameters:

Main technical parameters:
AW-AFP2188 system capacity 100/200/324 points (non-polarity, two-wire bus, fully mixed coding)
AC input voltage AC 220V±20%  50Hz
DC power DC24V 5.0Ah, two fully sealed maintenance-free DC12V 5.0Ah storage batteries connected in series
AC input power 120W
Circuit bus two-wire system
Total length ≤1500m
Voltage UL of the circuit bus +20V≤UL≤+26V(when the DC power is operating)

+24V≤UL≤+26V(when the AC power is operating)

System working conditions


1. Temperature: -10°C~+50°C

2.Humidity: ≤95%

3.Power supply:  AC   220V    50HZ

DC    24V    6A

4.Output contact capacity: AC   220V   1A

DC   27.6V   3A


4. The diagram of the addressable fire alarm system:


5.Asenware Fire Detection Alarm Panel Oversea Installation Demonstration:

The standard addressable accessories involved as follows:

1) AW-ASD2188: Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector

2) AW-ATD2188: Addressable Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

3) AW-AMC2188: Addressable Manual Call Point

4) AW-ASS2188: Addressable strobe siren

5) AW-AIO2188-IN: Addressable input module to wire future conventional devices.

6) AW-AIO2188-OUT: Addressable output module to control the bell.

7) AW-CODER2188: Programmer to code the detectors

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